Unwanted Hair

A legitimate question that tormented many of the fair sex, is: why even the most advanced method is impossible to get rid of all the annoying hair in one single procedure? The whole point is that the growth cycle Hair consists of three phases, the duration of which varies because of the age and type of the hair follicle. Anagen – the phase of growth and production of catagen hair – the intermediate phase at the end of a follicle shrinks and shortens Telogen – resting phase, during which time the hair may fall out on their own or dropped an easy effort. Hair falls out at a time when under it – from the same follicle – begins to grow a new one. Hair person at any one time are in different phases, to destroy the only visible, are in active growth phase. That is why for the complete destruction of all unwanted hair in any way to hair removal at least three complete cycles of procedures.

This typically requires 1.5 years. From ancient times to fight the growth of body hair there were a number of natural methods of hair removal, which today we call bioepilyatsiey. For example, it is not forbidden use of wax and resin in the home (on sale have a special strip, the cost of packing for 1-2 sessions – from 150 to 300 rubles). However, the result is often much worse than in the saloon: not always possible to independently reach, in addition, requires skill and proper equipment. Someone to create an intimate hairstyles prefer waxing, it makes it possible to change your style every six to eight weeks. Waxing – Waxing is of two types: solid (hot) wax and a soft (warm) wax. Hard wax is produced using the pine tar or petroleum products to the mass does not crack, and not too stuck in its composition include oil or lemon oil. The hot product is applied in the direction of hair growth. Skin during the procedure is heated, open pores, and hair with wax removed fairly easily and almost painlessly.

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