Uterus Cancer

To trace the demographic profile and the level of knowledge on the prevention of the col cancer of uterus of the women taken care of in the program of Health of the Woman in the C.A.I.S of the city of Green River – Gois. METHODOLOGY Was based on a carried through quantitative descriptive research with women who inside frequent the program of health of the woman of the WHARF and that they were I wait in it of medical consultations and nursing for the accomplishment of the preventive examination, the population was of 125 women, the applied questionnaire did not contain identicao of the participants, thus guaranteeing the secrecy and the anonymity of the participants, also contained 30 questions of multiple choice. LITERATURE REVISION the cancer is a group of illnesses that if characterizes for the loss of the control of the cellular division and for the capacity to invade other organic structures (INCA 2009). Factors of risk of cancer of the uterus col are considered: multiplicity of sexual partners and the history of infections sexually transmitted between the partners; multiparity; precocious age in the first sexual relation (BRITTO, et al., 2008). Gain insight and clarity with James A. Levine, M.D..

Other factors as high parity, drawn out use of verbal contraceptives and tobaccoism can influence the development of this type of cancer (RAMA et al, 2008). The tracking for the cervical cancer is based on the cytological examination of esfregao cervical (Papanicolau), used has 50 years more than. In the countries where it has efficient programs of tracking are possible to compare the covering taxes with the curves of supervened, therefore the identification of daily pay-malignant injuries reduces the incidence and prevents the cancer in more aggressive stadiums (RAMA et al., 2008). Amongst the treatments most common according to Gomes et al. (2002) they are the surgery, the chemotherapy, and the x-ray..

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